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What is Virtual Health Care?

Virtual Health Care provides you and your immediate family members access to on-demand healthcare 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from anywhere in Canada. With this service, members have access to a wide range of support including medical advice and diagnosis, primary mental health care, referrals to specialists, new and refill prescriptions, and lab work requests.

Services available on Virtual Care:

General Medical Advice

Members can use Virtual Care for health-related questions anytime and anywhere they need it, across Canada.


New and refill prescriptions can be ordered through Virtual Care. After the text / video consult, Virtual Care nurse practitioners send the required prescription directly to the patient’s preferred pharmacy.

Specialist Referrals

For things that require a specialist, Virtual Care clinicians can make referrals to specialists, including for dermatologists, cardiologists, neurologists, etc.

Lab Work Requests

Requests for lab work (i.e. bloodwork and urine samples) are emailed directly to the patient for them to take it to a lab that is convenient for them.


Approximately 85% of consults are resolved directly on the app without the need for an in-person follow up.

Mental Health

All our clinicians are trained in primary mental health support, with the most common mental health concerns being anxiety and depression. Treatments include counselling, the initiation or refill of prescriptions.

Case Management

Virtual Care clinicians can help members navigate the resources available to them (i.e. EAP), quarterbacking their treatment plan through proactive follow ups and regular communication.


Virtual Care clinicians can provide medical / sick notes when appropriate, for up to 3 days in length.

Allied Health Professionals

We have access to a full bench of allied health professionals available for video consults on our app, including psychologists, RSWs and MSWs, psychotherapists, registered dietitians and physiotherapists.

Intake process:

An easy way to access care, anytime.

Getting in touch with Virtual Care healthcare professionals is easy and intuitive: members simply open the app and click on the “Start a Consult” button. You will be connected to an intake coordinator in seconds, and after triage will be connected to a nurse practitioner licensed in your jurisdiction.

1. On a mobile device, users open the Virtual Care app and click the “Start a Consult” button on the home screen.

2. Momentarily, the user will be connected to an intake coordinator, who is either a registered nurse or a registered practical nurse. The in-take coordinator will take a few minutes to identify the patient’s needs.

3. The intake coordinator then connects the patient with a nurse practitioner licensed to practice medicine in their province.

4. The nurse practitioner conducts the consult with the plan member, starting by encrypted text messaging and transitioning to video chat when and if needed. Video consults are done within the app and are encrypted from end to end.

5. Once the consult is done, the plan member and nurse practitioner close the conversation, the text portion of which will remain available for the patient to refer back to at any time, directly on the app. The clinicians also upload their SOAP notes on the app for the user to have access to whenever they need it.

Personal interaction with an extensive network of healthcare professionals.

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