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Canquest Communications provides unlimited high-speed internet, HD TV service and reliable digital home and business phone service. At Canquest we are proud to offer VoIP residential and business phone lines as well as business systems. Our internet service stretches Coast to Coast, Canada-wide.

Unleash the power of Mesh with strong home Wi-Fi coverage

More of us are working from home, learning remotely, and investing in smart home upgrades than ever before. But this means that our home Wi-Fi networks are really being put to the test. Mesh Wi-Fi is designed to blanket your entire home with strong, fast Wi-Fi.

With several routing devices wirelessly connected to each other, a mesh system broadcasts your Wi-Fi signal through multiple access points, eliminating any dead spots in your house and allowing you to roam free without ever having to connect to a different network.

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Canquest’s ESG

Charitable Initiatives & Community Involvement

As a telecommunications company, Canquest is highly committed to using our technology to improve the communities we serve. Since connectivity is more important now than ever, the Canquest Community Partners Program invests in charitable contributions, community food drives, sports sponsorships, event sponsorships, auction items and more. We seek to develop deep community partnerships and provide technical resources that help create a positive impact in urban and rural areas across the province.

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Canquest strives everyday to provide the best High-Speed Internet, Reliable Digital Phone

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