Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions below. Canquest is here to help you throughout the purchase of your new services. If you can’t find the answer to your question, please feel free to contact us at 519-351-1565 or email us at

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Sales FAQ’S

1 Can I keep my same phone number?

Yes you may keep your current phone number if your current provider has not cancelled the number. We will transfer it over for you.

2 Is there long distance included?

We offer Unlimited Canada and US long distance at no extra cost, as well as affordable international calling.

3 How soon can we have this hooked up?

Installations are based on availability from the phone service provider and we will strive to have your service installed at the earliest possible time. This is usually within 10 – 15 business days. We recommend installing the Internet a couple of days following the fully tested installation of the working phone line.

4 Do I have to pay extra for all features?

All our phone features are included in our low monthly cost! You will get features such as Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Voicemail, Fail to Cell, and Unlimited Canada and US Calling.

5 What is Fail to Cell?

Fail to Cell is a feature only we offer for free with our phone service. In the event of the internet going down or power going out this feature temporarily forwards all your calls to the cell phone number provided. This ensures you do not miss any important calls.

6 Can we waive the installation fee?

The installation fee is an administrative fee; therefore, we are unable to waive this as it goes towards all the work put into your order.

7 Is there a contract?

We have no contracts for our internet and phone services. We do have a contract option for our Satellite TV but also offer a non-contracted option for our TV packages as well.

8 Can I use my own Modem and Router?

Yes you are able to use your own Modem and Router if they are compatible with our service. Please call us with the make, model, service number (SN) and Mac address (MAC) to check compatibility. We do have excellent state of the art Vilo Routers available starting at $59.95. With Vilo, you have the ability to mesh together more then one for complete home coverage.

9 Can I change packages if I do not like the one, I choose?

You can change your package at any time by contacting our office.

10 Can I combine 10 packages together?

Multiple packages cannot be combined on one receiver, which is why we highly recommending looking over all our packages and picking out the one that best suits your family. If you have multiple receivers in your home, you may choose to have each one programmed to different packages separately.

11 Will my service randomly change now that Rogers and Shaw have merged?

Canquest packages have not been affected, your service will remain the same as you are not a Rogers/Shaw customer.

12 Do you offer an app to watch TV like other providers do?

At this time we do not support any TV apps. We will certainly be informing all customers should a TV App option become available in the futures.

13 Can we bundle all costs together?

Our Phone and Internet pricing is bundled when both services are purchased, or if a service is added at any time. Our TV package is separate as it is already discounted to the lowest possible price that we can offer. All billing appears on the same invoice each month.

14 Do you cancel our previous services for us?

You will need to personally cancel all services with your previous provider. We suggest cancelling after you have been successfully installed with Canquest. If you are transferring a phone number from the previous provider to Canquest, then this would be an exception as it will automatically cancel once the transfer is complete. If you are an existing Shaw customer, then you must cancel and wait 30 days before Canquest can activate your TV services.

15 Will the prices be raised as soon as I sign up?

We strive to make sure our services are consistent and affordable for everyone by keeping our monthly costs lower than the competition. We do not plan to raise prices, and if we ever do our customers will be notified in advance.

Concerns FAQ’S

16 Will my calls drop often since it runs through the Internet?

At the time of inquiry, we qualify the type of connection and/or offer you a connection that works well with our Phone service to ensure you get quality service. Intermittent internet connection will cause phone delays.

17 How will it work if you do not use my existing Bell lines, as I need to use the jacks in my home?

We recommend using a cordless phone set because the main base would connect to our phone box and then the other phones can be placed anywhere in your home without needing your jacks.

18 I do not want internet, do you have another phone option available for people without internet?

Yes! We have our Canquest Plus option for $39.95/month. A wireless hub is installed to allow enough internet for the phone box to work, plus there is an option of a battery back-up rental or purchase to ensure it works even in a hydro outage.

19 Will it be fast enough?

We recommend the speed that best suits your needs through the many options we provide. Our team will be happy to help you determine a speed best suited for you.

20 Can I increase or decrease the speed if I wish to try a different package?

Speed changes are always an option for a small fee.

21 Why does Cogeco/Bell come out if it is your service I am getting?

We are a Reseller which means we utilize Bell and Cogeco lines to provide you with internet service. Cogeco or Bell owns their infrastructure which means they provide the service activation and maintenance.

22 Does it run through the same cable as the internet?

Our TV uses a different line than your internet. Coaxial cable is run from a Satellite dish directly to the receiver inside your home.

23 Will you need to drill holes in the wall?

If there are pre-existing holes, we try to utilize those and re-seal them. There are not always pre-existing holes, and in that case, we would need to drill holes. With every hole drilled we do make sure to seal it to prevent the elements from entering the home.

24 Will it need to be cleared of snow, or lose signal in the rain?

In some cases, this can happen depending on the severity of the storm. In the event you lose signal please reach out to our Tech Department, and we will be happy to help you get it resolved quickly!

25 Will someone come and install it?

If you have existing infrastructure, there are many quick and easy self-install options. Should you need installation assistance, contact us and we will send a service technician.

26 I had a problem with my previous provider, will I have the same issue with your company?

We will always provide you with the best customer and technical service to ensure any issues are resolved in a timely manner.

27 Do you have after hours tech support?

Yes we provide emergency technical support on 24/7 during weeknights, weekends and holidays. Please call the tech support line and leave a message and a technician will call you back.

28 What does my Activation Fee cover?

Your activation fee covers all the background work that goes into your order. We work hard to ensure you get a quick install and the best service possible.

Technical FAQ’S

29 Where do I connect my Phone Box/Grandstream?

The LAN port of your wireless router. On most routers, you will see a set of 2-4 ports of the same colour, the label is usually LAN or ETH. (Make sure to avoid the WAN/Internet port).

30 What's my voicemail password?

If you cannot find your personal 4 digit password, give us a call and we can securely provide your voicemail password over the phone.

31 How do I check my voicemail?

If this feature is enabled on your account, dial *98 from your handset, and enter your 4 digit password if asked. If you have a physical answering machine connected, dialling *98 also works. If dialling *98 does not work, please refer to the handset/answering machine included instructions then give us a call to make sure voicemail is configured correctly.

32 How do I check my voicemail remotely?

To remotely access your voicemail, you can follow these steps:

1. Dial 1-866-290-9003 or 1-226-996-1240
2. You’ll be prompted to enter your account number, which is your phone number with the leading 1.
3. Next, enter your password when prompted, followed by the # key.
3. Follow the voice prompts to manage your voicemail messages and settings.

These steps will allow you to check your voicemail and perform additional actions using the provided voice prompts.

33 What is a modem?

A modem provides you with internet service. Modems receive internet by being connected to coaxial cable or sometimes a DSL phone cable. Internet can be used directly to you by connecting to the included ethernet port, or wirelessly by connecting a wireless router to the included ethernet port.

34 What is a wireless router?

A wireless router receives the internet service from your modem, and makes it wirelessly available to you. Routers usually have 2 or more antennas on top, however some models have an internal antenna which does not visibly show. Canquest Vilo routers are usually white, with the orange Vilo logo on top, and has an internal antenna. You may access wireless internet by selecting your network name and entering your network password.

35 What is my WiFi network password?

If you have a Canquest provided wireless router, check the provided handwritten label on top or behind. If you do not have a Canquest provided wireless router, the default network name and password are usually written on a factory provided label on the bottom of the hardware. If you still cannot find your password, you can bring your wireless router with the power cable to the Canquest Chatham office. Here at the office we can reconfigure the router for you and provide you with a sticker with the new network name and password.

36 Where do I plug the blue cable? where do I plug the yellow cord?

The colour of your cable or cord does not matter when connecting your devices, however the colour of the port you are connecting the cable to usually does matter. Be sure to check labels of ports. Usually modem and router ports are labelled with small lettering directly below/above the port. e.g. LAN, WAN, ETH. If you are still unsure, give our tech support line a call anytime.

37 The screen is black, I can't see anything

There are a few things to check. Firstly, is your TV on and the right satellite channel selected? Secondly, is the receiver or PVR powered on and connected to the TV in the correct port? If you still not cannot see anything on the screen, press the input or source button on your TV remote until picture shows. If still unable to see anything there might be a technical issue occuring, call our tech support line anytime.

38 My screen says "Signal Lost"

Usually this means the coaxial cable connected to the back of the receiver/PVR is disconnected or loose. If all cables are tight and connected, then “Signal Lost” can also be caused by the satellite dish not being pointed in the proper direction. Sometimes storms or other interference can cause physical movement of the dish and that can cause loss of signal. Power cycle the receiver/PVR, wait 5 minutes, and if the “Signal Lost” message is still showing then give our technical support line a call to try to resolve the issue.

39 I can't find this channel

Open the Canquest channel guide provided to all of our satellite TV customers. If you cannot find the guide that’s okay! See our website’s channel guide, view the matching package (Silver, Gold, or Platinum), there will be a list of channels belonging to your package. If you still cannot find the channel then give us a call and we can find it for you.