Connect to the world with unlimited, high-speed Internet

By switching to Canquest HIGH-SPEED, UNLIMITED INTERNET you will enjoy fast download and upload speeds at a great, low price. Connect to the world and make the switch to fast, reliable internet service!

Plans & Pricing

Switching is quick, easy and simple

While switching internet or home phone providers might seem like a challenging task, it’s actually fast, easy and trouble-free. A switch to the Canquest network could give you more value for your dollar, a faster, more reliable connection and lower your monthly costs. In most cases, you will be able to switch with little or no service interruption.

As a bonus, when you switch your home phone service to Canquest and remain in the same geographic area, you can keep your existing phone number. It doesn’t get easier!

Start your service right away with Canquest.

Will it be fast enough?

We recommend the speed that best suits your needs.

Is there a contract?

We have no contracts for our internet and phone services. We do have a contract option for our Satellite TV but also offer a non-contracted option for our TV packages as well.

Can I use my own Modem and Router?

If your Modem is compatible with our service, you can use it. To find out if your modem is compatible, we will need the make, model, serial number (SN) and Mac address (MAC). Your router can be used for our service. If you choose to get a new router, we have a great router available. The routers we offer are Vilo routers you can get as many as you want and mesh them together to get whole home coverage! They are $59.95 each.

Can we bundle all costs together?

Our Phone and Internet pricing is bundled when both services are purchased, or if a service is added at any time. Our TV package is separate as it is already discounted to the lowest possible price that we can offer. All billing appears on the same invoice each month.

Canquest Internet lets you stay connected with
our fast, reliable home internet solutions.