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These are the support tools we use to help support our customers through the most common problems.

Test your internet speed

Remote access and support

What is my IP address?

Manuals for your hardware

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Canquest’s self-serve Support Tools empower you find the answers you need

At Canquest, we have some of the best trained techs in the industry! We work hard to stay current and relevant with the most up-to-date technology trends in the business. We have the tools required to help solve your tech-related issues. These tools help improve our workflow efficiency and make it easier for us to provide effective solutions to our customers.

  • “Buffering? Websites loading slow? Click here to run an internet speed test and check the quality of your connection.”
  • “Need online tech support without leaving the comfort of your home? Click here for remote desktop, so we can do the clicking for you.”
  • “What is my IP address? click here to securely and safely find your IP address. Don’t share it with strangers!”
  • “What do those lights mean? How do I change my Wi-Fi password? Click here to find manuals for your router and modem and get to know them better!”