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If you own a restaurant, you may have considered offering free wifi to your customers. However, you may be wondering if it’s really worth it. After all, won’t it just add to your expenses?

Actually, offering free wifi can actually be a great way to boost your business. Here are six benefits of offering free wifi at your restaurant:

1. Increase Customer Satisfaction

One of the best benefits of offering free wifi at your restaurant is that it can help to increase customer satisfaction. In today’s day and age, people expect to be able to go online whenever they want. If your restaurant doesn’t offer wifi, your customers may get frustrated. This could lead them to write negative reviews online or tell their friends and family about their bad experiences.

On the other hand, if you do offer wifi, your customers will be much happier. They’ll be able to go online whenever they want and won’t have to worry about using up their data plans.

2. Attract New Customers

Another great benefit of offering free wifi is that it can help you attract new customers. If you have a good wifi connection, you can put up signs that advertise your free service.

This will let people know that they can come to your restaurant to get online. They may not have considered coming to your restaurant before, but they’ll be more likely to give it a try if they know they can get it online.

3. Boost Sales

In addition to attracting new customers, offering free wifi can also help to boost your sales. If people are able to get online, they’ll be more likely to order more items. For example, they may decide to order an appetizer or dessert that they wouldn’t have otherwise. They may also be more likely to order another round of drinks.

4. Enhance Your Restaurant’s Image

Offering free wifi can also help to enhance your restaurant’s image. If you have a good wifi connection, it will show that you’re up-to-date with technology. This can make your restaurant seem more modern and appealing to potential customers.

5. Encourage Social Media Engagement

Offering free wifi can also encourage customers to use your restaurant’s website or app. Customers who are able to use the internet while at your restaurant may be more likely to visit your website or app to view menus, make reservations, or learn more about your restaurant.

6. Stay Competitive

In today’s day and age, offering free wifi is becoming more and more common. If you don’t offer free wifi, you may be at a competitive disadvantage. Customers may choose to go to a restaurant that offers free wifi over one that doesn’t.


Restaurants that offer free wifi to their customers can reap several benefits. For one, it can attract more customers, as people often look for places to work or study outside of their homes or offices. Additionally, it can create a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, as customers can use their devices without feeling like they’re being watched or monitored. Finally, it can also increase customer loyalty and repeat business, as customers will appreciate the convenience and will be more likely to come back.

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