VoIP Home Phone Service – blog

It used to be that a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone was only for IT professionals. Over the last decade, however, they’ve become a staple in many homes throughout Chatham and Southwestern Ontario. They’re reliable, easy to use, and offer a lot of benefits to homeowners. This article explores VoIP home phone services and if it’s right for your home.


VoIP technology allows users to place calls over the internet rather than a traditional phone line. VoIP first gained traction with both large and small businesses because of its cost and reliability.

Residential VoIP offers the same quality service but at lower prices, which homeowners love. The technology converts an analog voice into digital signals that travel over your internet connection. The signals are then sent to the telephone network that the person you’re talking to uses. The person on the other end is unable to differentiate between VoIP calls and landlines.


As long as you can access a high-speed internet connection (which includes a router and modem), then you already have everything you need.

Canquest uses Grandstream VoIP and technology. Grandstream is known for their innovation and reliability. We’ve partnered with them to supply your hardware (telephone/receiver[s]) because we’re always impressed with their quality and high standards. That’s why all you need to get started is a high-speed internet connection, we take care of the rest.


There are several reasons why VoIP has become a great option for residential phones. Some advantages we think you’ll appreciate include:

  1. COST:
    The bottom line is a priority in many households. Most families reduce their monthly utilities by switching to a VoIP.
    Not only is the monthly fee cheaper than most landlines, but calling expenses, be it long distance, or voice mail services are reduced as well.
    VoIP uses bandwidth, a range of frequencies in which data is transmitted. The larger your bandwidth,
    the faster the signal transmits, continuing to improve sound quality.
    A VoIP phone system eliminates the installation and maintenance of phone lines.
    The variety of features available such as Caller ID and Call Waiting, are too familiar and helpful to not be used at home.
    There are some features that might even be new to you, which you’ll enjoy.

    1. AN “ALWAYS REJECT” LIST: Allows you to blacklist specific phone numbers that your VoIP will always reject.
    2. VOICEMAIL ROUTING: The ability to set up rules to apply to incoming calls is extremely convenient. For example, if you receive a call that has Caller ID blocked, you can have a rule in place to always route those calls to a specific voicemail.
    3. TURN YOUR PC INTO A SOFTPHONE: A softphone is a computer app that duplicates the functionality of a telephone. This essentially turns your computer or laptop into a telephone, with all the usual features such as mute, hold, and transfer.
    4. A MAKESHIFT FAX MACHINE: Fax machines aren’t as relevant as they used to be, so most homes don’t have one anymore. Once in a while though, they still prove themselves useful, which is why it’s nice to know that a VoIP comes with the ability to quickly send or receive documents. So if you got rid of, or are planning to get rid of your fax, you have a back-up, should the need ever arise.
    5. TEAM MESSAGING AND COLLABORATION: Whether you work from home, or have a lot of family to catch-up with around the holidays, the ability to connect as a group can be fun and a time saver. It also means you can share voicemails, calendars, and contacts nice and easy.

Learning about the perks of a VoIP certainly makes it a tempting option. If you think you and your family can benefit from a residential VoIP, we’d love to help. We’re happy to answer your questions, and assist with the next steps.