Tips to Improve the Speed of Your Internet

High-speed internet is a necessity for many people. Whether you’ve turned your home into your work office due to the COVID-19 pandemic or you’re planning to watch the newest release on Netflix, high-speed internet allows you to achieve several things. Unfortunately, even though you’re paying for high-speed internet, sometimes things go wrong, and you’re left with an Internet connection that feels a little more like dial-up. We understand how frustrating and annoying it can be when Internet speeds drop and you’re left waiting for everything to load. The following article will offer you a few tips on how to improve your current internet speed.

Utilize Ethernet

Wi-Fi connections may allow you to stream your favourite movies and television shows anywhere in the house, but your signal will ultimately be worse than if you were connected directly to your router. We highly encourage you to connect any device (that requires fast upload and download speeds) directly to your router. If your personal computer is connected to a Wi-Fi network and you plan on downloading or uploading anything, you’ll notice a significant increase in internet speed. The same principle applies for gaming consoles like Xbox and Playstation – hooking them up via Ethernet will improve overall latency.

Scan For Viruses and Malware

If you don’t have an antivirus program installed on your computer, doing so may improve your Internet connection and overall speed. Viruses and malware infect your computer and slow your computer down because they’re continuously running in the background. Without a program to detect viruses and malware, your computer may have been infected without you even knowing. Once you purchase anti-virus protection, make sure that its set to regularly assess your computer for any malware or viruses. Not only will it protect all of your important documents, files, videos, etc. but it will also boost your internet speed considerably.

We understand that slow internet speeds can impact your ability to remain productive and informed. By listening to the aforementioned tips, you should significantly improve your internet speed. If these tips did not work, feel free to contact Canquest for more detailed information.

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