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The internet is an indispensable part of our lives. We use it to communicate, shop, find information and entertain ourselves. Often we don’t realize how much we rely on the internet until it goes out, and we’re left in the dark with no way to get the information or entertainment that we need.

How Internet Technologies in Canada Work

The internet in the country is regulated by the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), and the three primary sources here are DSL, Cable Internet, and Fiber-optic.

If you’re having problems with your current internet connection or want to switch internet providers, there are several ways that you can go about doing it:

Compare Plans And Providers

Internet providers typically offer a number of different plans and prices. The best way to figure out which internet plan is best for you is to compare their plans to your needs. You should take a look at the following:

  • Speed: Faster internet plans offer greater download speeds, better video streaming, and quicker website load times. However, faster speeds also tend to be more expensive.
  • Usage allowance: Different internet plans have different allowances for data usage. Some plans may have an unlimited allowance, while others limit the number of GB you can use a month or the speed at which you can use your internet after you exceed your limit.
  • Contracts: Most internet providers require a two-year contract, but some providers don’t require any contract.
  • Contract cancellation fees: Some providers charge you to cancel your contract early. This fee is often equal to about one month’s worth of service.
  • Cost: The cost of an internet plan can vary significantly depending on which provider you choose and what plan you select. It’s best to research providers in your area and compare the different internet plans that they offer.

Let Your Current Internet Provider Know

Before you cancel your service with your current provider, it’s important to make sure they know you’re leaving. If you simply stop paying your bill, they may send you to collections or report your account as delinquent. You should contact them, let them know you’re leaving, and let them know when you plan to end service.

In most cases, you can cancel your service over the phone or by visiting your local office. You should be able to cancel your service at any point after your contract period ends, even if you don’t reach your data allowance.

Prepare for Service Transfer

If you have an email address with an old service, you should transfer all data from that account to a service like Gmail. Also, if you’re leaving your current provider for a VOIP phone service, it may be necessary to transfer or terminate your phone number. To do this, you’ll have to contact your phone company to let them know you’re leaving and ask for a new number.

Check Your Hardware

Before switching, check that all of your hardware is compatible with your new service.

The Bottomline

Switching internet providers is usually a fairly quick and painless process. Just follow these tips to prepare, and it’ll be smooth sailing from there.

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