The Benefits of Choosing a Local Telecom Solutions Provider – blog

One of my favourite things about living and working in Chatham-Kent is our small business community. We have a lot of great neighbourhoods that like to shop local and you’ll often see businesses helping out other businesses. At Canquest, we offer high-speed internet solutions to residents and local businesses, so we have seen the power and difference that comes from working with a local telecom provider. Our ongoing success is due to our ability to adapt to the constantly changing telecommunications market, ensuring our customers always have the latest technology available. Whether you’re streaming your favourite show at home or uploading documents at the office there are plenty of reasons you should choose a local telecommunications business partner.


Large providers aren’t locally based and many business owners find that means they don’t quite understand their needs. They don’t understand that just a few hours of downtime can disrupt business operations. Local providers recognise this and do everything possible to support their clients and minimizing the possibilities of disruptions.


You may have noticed that larger, national providers offer most customers the same product and the same “deals”, regardless of their individual needs. Smaller providers often take the time to get to know your business and understand your unique requirements tailoring to your needs accordingly.


As we mentioned, smaller telecommunication providers can work around your needs much easier than national companies. Staff are often limited to working within a corporate system, following tedious protocols which lead to an unsatisfactory experience. With big businesses there is only a limited ability for workers to assist customers due to red tape associated with large businesses. Staff within large companies are required to work within the system and follow tedious, often unnecessary protocols which can lead to an unsatisfactory experience.


I’m sure you’ve experienced being on hold for a large telecommunications company; waiting for them to answer your call, waiting to be transferred to the right department, waiting for them to look up the solution, waiting to be transferred to a different department… It doesn’t matter if you’re working, or streaming the latest Marvel release, if you’re waiting that long to be helped it can ruin your day. Local providers such as Canquest are constantly working to enhance your experience and improve response times.


As we mentioned earlier, one of the things we love about being a part of the Chatham-Kent community is the support we show each other. Local telecommunication providers are able to actively support our neighbourhood.


We at Canquest understand how vital a strong internet connection is to a company’s success. With so many internet service providers selling slow and overly expensive services, while also lacking solid technical support, Canquest is like a breath of fresh air. We provide our customers in Chatham with reliable, high-speed, secure and affordable internet and VoIP phone service, as well as maintain local technical support agents who are available every day of the week.

As you can see there are plenty of benefits from choosing a local telecommunication provider. So, the next time you’re not satisfied with the quality of your internet or phone service, instead of waiting on hold to complain to the larger companies, take a look at what local can offer you.

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