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Being in the insurance business for 30 years. My phone rates were becoming comparable to my building rent. Last year we had enough with the phone company and called Canquest. They asked good questions about our business phone needs. They then came back with a quote saving us hundreds a dollars per month and meeting our communication needs. We were so pleased our home phone is now with Canquest at one quarter of the cost. My home and business is now enjoying personal local service at drastically reduced costs.

Dawn & Rob Strong
Robert Strong Financial

Thanks to the entire staff at Canquest for the outstanding service. We’ve noticed a significant reduction in our monthly bill since switching with a much more reliable connection. Technical support has been extremely prompt and helpful whenever required. We look forward to many more years working together with our friends at Canquest.

Nate & Josh Blair
Blairs Boot Camp

Being with a phone company for so long, you tend to get comfortable and complacent. Change is scary. Canquest however was the best change we could have ever made for our business. They made the transition easy. Being a local business ourselves supporting them was something we should have done long ago. They are always a phone call away, always prompt, always helpful; not to mention affordable. Local supporting local is a great thing!

Melodee Delrue
Syd Kemsley Florist

Hi, Todd: More than glad to give you and Canquest some feedback. Firstly, the savings compared to what I was paying are substantial. Secondly and just as important is the service level which you provide. Any issues which have arisen and there have not been any of consequence have been handled promptly and in a professional manner. It is comforting to know that there is a knowledgeable staff who actually pick up the phone at the other end rather than a recording. Keep up the good work and I will be pleased to pass on my satisfaction to any other potential customers.

Bob Borrowman
Real Estate Brokerage

We are a newer customer in the last year. The rollout of the transitioning of lines, came as advertised, and there was one subsequent service issue, which was promptly dealt with. We are satisfied with the price point also; and would rate a “9”, at this point in time. Congratulations.

P.S. – I never give a “10” on anything. And, definitely don’t want to pay more.

David Holmes, B.Comm, P.Mgr
Director of Finance
AIDS Committee of Windsor

Hi Todd Lance says be never gives a 10, so he gives you an 8 I think the service & price is great so I give you a 10. I have recommended your service to many people. Keep up the good work

Home Owner ‘s
Lance & Carol Anne Babcock

Hello Todd @ Canquest You score a 10, part of that is the price, don’t change a thing on home phone. Now get me cell and internet with the same quality and reliability and I want to be customer #1. Home Phone Customer

Peter Brull

Your guys are a 10…better service cheaper price more features is a winner in my books . . . . also it is great to deal local. Home Phone & Business Phone Customer

Ed Caldwell

10+ We have found the quality of the service to be excellent. As well, the quality of the service call we received was superb. Todd Reid, and Scott (who are both former students of mine from Gregory drive), were not only able to correct some equipment concerns we had, but also provided some great suggestions to allow us to have Bell correct another equipment problem that was theirs alone.

Mr. Greg Beatty
Retired School Principal

My level of satisfaction is, without question or hesitation an 11. The phone system itself is everything that Canquest said it would be. Yes there have been a few instances in the past several months, since I became a customer, that the line was a bit broken up, particularly on the recipients end hearing me, but I have attributed that to understandable internet performance issues. To qualify this I need to be clear that this has only happened about 3 times out of say 300 phone calls initiated or received. I have had NO DROPPED CALLS. I say VOIP works and the cost savings far outweighs this minor issue, which is beyond the control of Canquest or any other VOIP service provider. All features work well and I feel comfortable having made the switch from Ma Bell.

Most importantly I find the people from Canquest extremely friendly, helpful and actually answer the phone IMMEDIATLEY when I have called a few times with question. Questions , by the way that are always answered, and responded to immediately to my full satisfaction. The true feeling of dealing with such a personable business is so rare these days that it really sets you folks apart from the “big guys” PLEASE DON’T CHANGE THIS BUSINESS MODEL.. it is perfect and extremely customer focused, just like the good old days.

True enough I hate responding to long, strategic surveys and so I very seldom due, but the fact that I am so willing to spend the time to send this EMAIL to you , I believe demonstrates my level of satisfaction. It is a Breath of fresh air to have you folks out there, please don’t get swallowed up by the big guys.

Keep up the good work and thanks for providing this valued, reliable and essential service to our home!

We are happy campers!

Roger Bruneel