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Slow Internet plans hurt your business’ productivity. It’s irrelevant whether your company depends on cloud-based collaboration tools or traditional office programs like Microsoft Office; the Internet is how most businesses communicate and exchange data.

This trend will only grow over the next few years, so investing in faster internet speeds is more important. Here are ways slow Internet plans kill your business:

Slow Internet Plans Hurt Customer Service

When you’re trying to help customers address an issue as quickly as possible, Internet speed can make all the difference in the world. Although many customers (and companies) bank on the telephone services for communication, cutting-edge businesses are looking for new ways to leverage connectivity and provide better customer service. Features like screen sharing, streaming video from a customer’s phone so a service technician can make a virtual “house call,” and other digital forms of service are only possible if your business has a reliable connection.

Slow Internet Plans Turn Off Customers

Upgrading your Internet plan is an investment towards your customers’ experience of your service. If your business invites customers through its doors, you need to offer speedy, free WiFi. In today’s digital age, it’s more than just a perk—it’s the gold standard!

Suppose you don’t think your guests will mind the slow Internet speeds and the difference between your service and what your competition offers; you’re underestimating today’s tech-savvy consumers. They will not return to you if they can get it from someone else with faster service.

Sluggish Internet Plans Slow Productivity

Speed is becoming increasingly crucial for accessing cloud-based tools and platforms, whether simple tools like Office 365 or complicated platforms like Asana or Basecamp. The more complicated the instrument, the more it relies on a fast Internet connection to get things done quickly—sluggish cloud apps slow productivity.

The broadband speeds of Internet plans might be 30 megabytes per second, but your bandwidth is split up among all devices using the internet at any given time. If you have ten employees sharing a connection (or even more if you run a bigger business), not only do they each get a lesser speed, but people outside of the network might start browsing the Internet, slowing down your connection.

Additionally, file sharing on GDrive, DropBox, etc., will be inefficient. You might not know this off the top of your head, but Dropbox slows down its upload speed to avoid slowing down your internet browsing experience. Although you can jump into settings and change that feature, it’s supposed to be on for a reason: It requires a lot of your bandwidth to download and upload files.

If you don’t have a fast internet connection, a simple file share can bring your workflows to a crawl. And if you have multiple people on your team who all need to work together, it will slow everyone down.

Lastly, more and more businesses connect with clients worldwide through online video, so companies need more resources for video conferencing software. Laggy Internet plans derail communication due to choppy audio and delayed video so that meetings are less productive and communicated.

Apply for Fast Internet Plans Today

You rely heavily on a good internet connection when running your own business. No matter what industry you’re in, if your bandwidth has stayed the same for a while, you don’t realize what an upgrade could do. From better video conferencing to Wi-Fi that can stand up to the competition, don’t let slow Internet plans hurt your business in any of the ways mentioned above.

Get lightning-speed Internet plans from Canquest today! We provide reliable phone service with local, friendly representatives ready to answer your questions. Contact us at 519-351-1565 or email us at info@canquest.com!

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