Let’s talk about connecting
you with reliable phone service

$19.95 Month


FREE Unlimited CAN/US
Long Distance

Our residential phone plans come with all the features you already enjoy from your current phone company at NO EXTRA COST! Included are free North American long distance calling, free voice mail, free call display, free call waiting and free call forwarding. We also offer competitive rates for international calling.

Residential Phone Plans Include:

  • FREE unlimited CAN/US long distance calling
  • FREE call display and voice mail
  • FREE call waiting
  • FREE call forwarding
  • Typical 40% to 60% monthly savings
  • FREE cost analysis of your current phone bill
  • One time $59.95 setup fee per line
  • Competitive rates for international calling
  • Keep your existing number or select a new number of your choice

How does a VoIP phone service work?

The technology behind our voice service is called “VoIP” which stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol.” It uses your existing High-Speed Internet connection to provide an all digital phone service. It takes analog audio signals, like the kind you hear when you talk on the phone, and turns them into digital data that can be transmitted over the Internet.

Can I keep my existing phone number?

Yes, we can transfer your existing number to our network at no charge. We will handle the details by contacting your existing phone company to make the transition smooth and seamless.

Emergency 911

Canquest provides emergency 911 service at no additional cost.