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Unlimited Internet

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  • Unlimited
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  • Rental Hardware
Unlimited Internet



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Home property

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Home Phone Service

From $19.99 per month

Phone About this service:
  • FREE unlimited CAN/US long distance calling
  • Over 15+ features included
  • One time activation fee of $59.95
  • Keep your existing number or select a new number of your choice

High Definition Satellite TV

From $39.99 per month

TV About this service:
  • Access to hundreds of channels
  • High defintion quality
  • PVR up to 3000 minutes
  • Local provided programming

Virtual Health Care

From $14.95 per month

Telus About this service:
  • Access to on-demand healthcare 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Connect via smartphone or web
  • Access to a wide range of support including medical advice and more

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