Community Programs


Canquest Communities Program is open to all Community Groups, Apartment Complex Tenants, Service Clubs, Associations, Church Congregations, Retirement Communities, Fund Raising Groups and more.


Group minimum is 20 subscribers to qualify for rebate benefits. Canquest supplies Internet to customers who reside in the same building for phone service only.


  • Canquest typical minimum monthly phone line savings is 40%.
  • Most home phone line subscribers are saving 55-60% per month. Some as high as 75% per month off their fixed monthly phone bills.
  • No Contracts
  • Free unlimited long distance calling in Canada and US.
  • Competitive rates for International calling
  • Free phone features

The Offer:

  • Canquest will donate $1.00 per phone line each month assuming each subscriber is in good standing.
  • Canquest community donations are payable quarterly and will be accompanied by a summary account.
  • Funds to be used at the discretion of the communities group.

Rebate Example:

South-Chatham Village phone subscribers 63 x $1.00 rebate = $63.00 per month. Paid quarterly to the community fund = $189.00 or $756.00 annually.


The Community Rebate will continue for a minimum period of 36 months. The Community Group Program will be evaluated at that time for effectiveness and would be expected to continue.

Communities Program Testimonial:

“South-Chatham Village; we call it the home of the $19.95 telephone. One day driving north on St. Clair Street in Chatham, I noticed a sign which stated “Residential Phone Service for $19.95.” I thought why am I paying some $50.00 plus with Bell? I signed up with Canquest and I haven’t looked back since.

In fact, being the President of South-Chatham Village Apartments I invited Todd Violot and Nicole Mihalco to the complex to make a presentation about the VoIP service. Since my experience with the Canquest VoIP was excellent, clear, no static and long distance included I could, first hand vouch for the quality and service.

The rest is history... 63 of our 67 tenants signed on with Canquest. All are very satisfied and above all they are saving money. Some as much as $60.00 every month. Canquest is a company you can count on for phone quality, reasonable prices and excellent service. The Communities Program has been an extra special bonus for us!”

Martin Vanderzwan
President,South-Chatham Village
and a very satisfied customer

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