Virtual Health Care

Compassionate, human care, every step of the way

We believe that human interactions are integral to the health and wellness of your employees, so we focus on creating remarkable health outcomes by putting the person at the center of their care

With Virtual Health Care, your employees gain 24/7 on-demand access to a broad range of healthcare professionals and benefit from a genuine human experience right from the start. From primary care to mental health and allied health support, our dedicated team of clinicians addresses the health needs of your employees and their family through encrypted text and video consults, where and when they need it.

A digital-first experience for employees

Attract and retain top talent.

24/7 access to personalized physical and mental health care from anywhere at any time for your employees and their immediate family members? – with no cap on the duration or number of consults.

77% of employees

would consider changing jobs for better well-being support

Curb absenteeism and encourage productivity.

Over 70% of virtual consults are initiated duringwork hours (8am-6pm).

More than 80% of consults

resolved through the app without needing an in-person visit

Patient-centric care, with continuity

Virtual Health Care is Canada’s first service to enable the electronic sharing of health information
with other healthcare professionals – when authorized by the employee – to support continuity of care.

Personal interaction with an extensive network of healthcare professionals.

Health and wellbeing matter to your employees. Show them it’s a priority you share as their employer. We will customize your Virtual Health Care service to your company, including emplovee onboarding, ongoing engagement initiatives, personalized communications and friendly customer support.

Medical Advice



Mental Health Support



Lab Work

Allied Healthcare

 Virtual Health Care

Patient first

approach to care with registered nurses, physicians,nurse practitioners and specialists

Full primary care service

including diagnosis, medical advice, prescriptions, diagnostic tests and specialist referrals

24/7, true on-demand

connectivity to real clinicians via text and video. Over 60% of consults are conducted by text only

Connect via smartphone or web.

Use your phone on-the-go to connect to great care or connect through your desktop or laptop computer.

Care, right on your phone… wherever you are

On-demand consults and appointments by text or video

Real time text

Encrypted video

Image transfer

Health records

Using virtual care

Top reasons for consults:

(includes consults for children)
  • Respiratory issues
  • Skin and subcutaneous issues
  • Infectious diseases
  • Genitourinary system and STDs
  • Digestive issues
  • Mental and behavioral issues

Treating mental health can reduce employees’ absenteeism by

40% to 60%

Patients save about employees’ absenteeism by
2 hours

on average, per virtual visit compared to physical visits


of employees said that healthcare benefits were a deciding factor when choosing between companies.

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