Canquest making huge splash
with Internet service

Canquest Communications wants to help make your life simpler; let them handle the complexities such as phone and Internet service, while you save big money. The local home and business phone line provider says all someone needs is reliable Internet to enjoy the discounts and quality of service that they offer. And now Canquest provides both, at rates much lower than what the big guys offer.

Over the past couple of years, Canquest expanded its services to offer affordably priced, reliable Internet, at a price as low as $44.95 per month for unlimited usage. John Smith, CEO of Canquest, said quality Internet is a necessity. “Our customers have to have it,” he said of telephone service clients. “They were always asking us to supply it so they only have to deal with one supplier.” So now Canquest offers cable and DSL Internet in urban areas of ChathamKent.

The mission of Canquest is to provide reliable and affordable communication solutions for people and businesses. Back row, left to right: Anthony Fisher, Installation Expert; John Smith, CEO; Merle Fisher, Installation Expert; middlerow: Mike Williams, Network Administrator; Todd Reid, IT Director; Todd Violot, Sales Director; Brent Ward, President; Scott Reid, Service Technician; front: Nicole Mihalco, Customer Operations Manager; Ally Saunders, Administrative Assistant.

The same is true of Canquest’s professional installers. In fact, on the technological side of the business, Canquest’s installation crew is backed up by a team of tech experts. Canquest’s residential home phone service is just $19.95 per month and comes with all the proverbial bells and whistles. It includes unlimited long distance in Canada and the U.S., call display, voicemail and more.

Switching is really easy. You don’t even have to make that uncomfortable call to cancel with the other guys. Canquest will contact your phone provider to make the switch, and you will keep your existing number. Canquest does it all! Good service and great prices. You can combine your home phone with your Internet for just $59.95 per month. Good luck finding even unlimited Internet for that price with the big guys, and without a long-term contract.

A recent CRTC decision ordering the lowering of wholesale rates by the big telecom companies to smaller operations such as Canquest is now under appeal. As a result, Canquest is as of yet unable to take advantage of the cuts and pass any savings onto its customers.

Canquest is owned and operated by a highly knowledgeable team that brings over 150 years of telecommunications experience. The folks at Canquest are always looking at ways to improve service and keep prices as affordable as possible for their customers. That includes Canquest’s Communities Program, where service clubs, church groups, tenants groups; you name it, can cluster to take advantage of Canquest services, and also receive a quarterly donation into a special fund from Canquest. That fund can build up over time and be used for anything such as a donation to a charity, or to pay for a building’s Christmas party. All that is needed is a minimum of 20 people to sign up in a group to qualify to receive $1 per month per customer donated back from Canquest.

For example, 63 tenants of South Chatham Village on Elm Street in Chatham signed up, and everyone saves 40 per cent or more off their old phone bills from the big guys. At the same time, Canquest is donating $756 a year to South Chatham Village’s community fund. It’s that simple, and with no contracts. Canquest supports the Chatham-Kent community in other ways too. For every new customer, the company makes a donation to the Chatham-Kent Hospice or PAWR (Pet and Wildlife Rescue).

And for those of you tired of pandering to big corporations who likely couldn’t find Chatham-Kent on the map, let alone care about your telephone or Internet services, Smith reminds folks Canquest is local, local, local. “We live here. We’ve been here our whole lives. We’re your neighbours,” he said. “And we’ve been in virtually every dimension of telecommunications over the years.” They’ve been doing it all from right here in Chatham-Kent since 1992.

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