Answering Frequently Asked Questions for Digital Phone Lines – blog

Your traditional home phone service has been reimagined. There is an ongoing shift away from the outdated copper cables of analog phones to the solid fibre-optic lines of digital phones that will give rich sound, sophisticated calling capabilities, and excellent dependability.

If you are still on the fence about making that switch to digital, this article will clear any questions you may have about digital phone lines.

Are Calls over the Internet as Good as a Regular Phone Line?

They’re a step above the regular phone lines. Honestly.

In the early days of the internet, internet phones may be less reliable due to issues with internet connections. However, network connectivity has improved dramatically over the years.

Thanks to this innovation, there are no more tinny voices, echoes, or delays. Overall, the better your internet connection, the better your phone calls will sound.

Is It Reliable?

PSTN (public switched telephone network — the classic landline network) lines are less robust than digital phone connections. In contrast, digital services are distributed over several data centres so it’s not a big deal if one fails. This is because several other centres can take up the connection instead. It’s as though no issue has passed, and your service continues uninterrupted.

Does It Take Up Much Bandwidth?

Calls don’t consume nearly as much bandwidth as you might imagine. Therefore the great majority of organizations have no issues. Most digital service providers will coordinate with you on how you plan on using the connection to ensure that you have enough bandwidth for your needs.

Is It Too Complex and Technical?

You can compare using a digital phone with operating an automobile. When it comes to driving a car, it doesn’t matter what goes on behind the hood.

Your digital phone service provider can handle the installation and even assist you with learning how to use it.

It’s easy to relocate, add or modify users with a mouse click via a web admin interface. All updates and maintenance are done remotely, so there is no need to wait for an engineer or a physical upgrade.

Is It Going to Be a Lot of Work to Make the Switch?

It’s actually relatively simple if you prepare beforehand. As long as your network has sufficient capacity, it is possible to combine a phone and data network (and if it needs a top-up, we can arrange that). You can replace your complete phone system at once or introduce it one office at a time. You have the last say.

Is It a Secure Connection?

You can make it as safe as you want. For as long as your internal network is safe, your phone network will be secure. You may be sure that your calls and data are safe thanks to firewalls, encryption, authentication, etc. This may be even more true than with the PSTN.

Is It Expensive?

Digital phone services are becoming increasingly popular since they may save businesses money. Unlike PSTN, it is easily scalable, allowing you to enlarge or downsize it as needed without incurring significant expenditures.


Switching from traditional phone lines to digital phone service is one of the best decisions you will make. They are simple to set up, easy to use, and very dependable. You don’t even need to be into technology to be able to use digital phones.

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