911 Update

We care about your safety and peace of mind.

Traveling with 911

Snow birds, Cottage Vacationers Etc.

Canquest service is portable when you move or travel with your Canquest Network Device (ATA) to any location in Canada and the US lower 48 states with quality broadband Internet access.

Since Canquest 9-1-1 service provider uses the address you provide to determine the nearest emergency response centre .You must update your new temporary location with our 9-1-1 service provider , by using the following https://addressinfo.northern911.com

Power Outage

Remember that the 9-1-1 dialing service will not function in the event of a power outage or broadband outage or if your broadband, ISP or Canquest service is suspended or terminated

When traveling with our network device (ATA) you also should have a back up battery power supply (UPS)

Moving physical locations permanently in Canada

(Business and Residential)

In order for 911 emergency services to be dispatched to your proper location. Remember it is critical that Canquest’s customers, at time of activation and prior to any permanent moves or location changes, you must provide up to date address and contact information to Canquest Communications. Click here for contact page.