4 Reasons to Bundle Phone and Internet – blog

There are several reasons why it makes sense to bundle your phone plan with your internet plan. The following article will discuss why it is a practical decision.

Financial Savings

It’s fair to say that everybody loves a good deal. When you bundle your phone plan and internet plan together, you’ll end up saving a lot of money. Furthermore, you’ll end up getting more for your money!

Unfortunately, we’ve heard numerous stories from customers about their attempts to find the cheapest phone plan and the cheapest internet plan and pay for them separately. Sadly, it never ends up saving them money. When you pay for two separate phone and internet bills, you will end up paying more than if you paid a bundled price.

Customer Perks

Communication service providers are always looking to sweeten the pot for bundled customers. When you bundle your phone and your internet, you’re likely to receive benefits and perks that are unavailable to the general public. For example, you may qualify for extended data caps on your internet coverage or free, unlimited, long-distance calling!

Saves You Energy

Life can be busy and it’s easy to forget things, including which bills are due and when you need to pay them off. A number of our customers have told us that they prefer bundles because they’re convenient! Instead of managing several different communication bills, you only have one bill to worry about and only one due date to pay it by!

Furthermore, when your phone and internet services are with one communication company, you’ll only need to contact one institution if you need to make changes to your account. Whether you want to add to your existing plan or you need to update your financial information, contacting only one institution will save you a lot of time and energy.


Potentially the biggest reason to bundle your phone and internet services are the customization options available when you build one. When you bundle, you pay for only the services you need and the services that you will use.

Bundling is also great for families. For example, if you only require telephone services to keep in contact with your Mom and Dad, but you need premium internet for gaming or work, you can work with your communication service provider to assemble a bundle that works best for you.

At Canquest Communications, we strive to provide our customers with cost-effective and reliable phone and internet services. If you’re unhappy with your current phone and internet service, reach out to Canquest Communications today! We’ll be happy to discuss your needs and provide you with a plan that works for you!